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Windows 8 metro apps

Picture this, Its been five years in the wilderness as a mac user, I decide to make the return to windows and after a bit of research end up with a touchscreen win 8 laptop.

I boot it up and spend some time absentmindedly flinging tiles around and wondering at the beauty of being able to control my main workhorse computer by touching the screen.


I initially play around with the preinstalled app fresh paint which seems like a well put together app that showcases the touchscreen beautifully. my next thought was to find more apps of this calibre to take advantage of the metro interface.

This was two weeks ago and I have yet to find anything that I find worthwhile in the windows app store, all that I could find was a badly organised list of apps that are in the most part third party implementations of websites turned into desktop apps .


My question today is where can I find some good windows 8 apps that take advantage of metro apps that I will actually use and enjoy and offer something more than a regular desktop apps.

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